Additional Nursing Home Neglect Allegations Against St. Louis County Facility

The conditions which lead to nursing home neglect exist on a facility-wide level. That means that when one resident is mistreated at these facilities, there is a good chance that others experience the same less-than-adequate treatment. The nursing home neglect lawyers at our firm have been working on these cases for years, and have litigated cases against against the same facility against different defendants. Often it just takes observant friends and family members to identify the signs of neglect to come forward and demand that their loved one’s rights be respected.

Additional Neglect Allegations
For example, KMOV News reported this week on new allegations of nursing home neglect at a long-term care facility in St. Louis County. This is not the first time that allegations of mistreatment have been against this home. Chronic mistreatment may be an issue here.

The latest allegations come from the family of a 68-year old resident who claim that their loved one was brought to the hospital with serious injuries indicating neglect. Family members explain that they were shocked to find their loved one with bruises all over her body. She also has fractured elbow and separated shoulder. They do not know if this was caused by a fall or something else. Our Illinois nursing home abuse lawyers appreciate that families frequently are left in the dark about the care their relative receives or reasons for certain injuries. Mysterious marks and less-than-clear explanations from caregivers is a warning sign
In this case, the senior’s family members slowly watched the condition deteriorate. Last week they saw that the woman’s elbow was turning green. A doctor was called, but am ambulance was only called when the family demanded that the nursing home take the senior to a hospital. Even then the family was incensed that the nursing home took several hours to call the ambulance.

These latest claims were made only days after a criminal elderly abuse began which targeted the facility. Local law enforcement agents admit that they have been made aware of the latest claims of mistreatment. The criminal investigation was instigated followed mistreatment of an 82-year old resident of the facility. In that case the woman fell while being transferred into her bed from her wheelchair. She suffered serious cuts and bruises.

Systematic Mistreatment
It is too early to make any clear statements about what did or did not happen in this case. However, the fact that this is the second resident to be found with mysterious injuries at this facility is a indication that they may be chronic problems.

One of the most common underlying problems involve staffing levels and training. Direct-line care workers are vitally important in ensuring that seniors receive the basic observation and monitoring needed to prevent falls and other accidents. Yet, if there are not enough workers for the number of residents, then no matter how well-intentioned the employees they cannot provide the close care needed. Similarly, proper staffing levels are inadequate if those employees do not take their role serious or act reasonably throughout their shift.

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