A Watchful Eye: Family Members with Loved Ones in Nursing Homes

When family members must make the difficult decision to commit a loved one to a nursing home facility, there is a great deal of preparation and planning that goes into this major life change. Once the loved one is settled into their new home, family members oftentimes fail to remain vigilant about the possible pitfalls, especially when it comes to neglect, abuse, and medical negligence at the nursing home facility. These tips should be kept in mind after a family goes through this change and has put their loved one in a nursing home facility.

Remain Vigilant Regarding IL Nursing Home Abuse
For starters, there is widespread nursing home neglect and abuse in the United States, and this should come as no surprise. Unfortunately, one of the major factors for this type of unacceptable behavior is systemic and thus related to socioeconomic conditions that are worsening as a result of increased income inequality. While that hypothesis might seem like a stretch, with poor and inadequate educational training, extremely low wages, and no health benefits, the majority of workers at nursing homes struggle to make ends meet Thus, professionalism, along with empathy and commitment to caretaking, is not a high priori
That means if you have a loved one in a nursing home facility, she is at risk of being neglected and abused, and thus you are responsible for keeping an eye out for her day-to-day care. Furthermore, with an aging population in the United States, it is a given that abuse and neglect will most likely worsen with time. With growing income inequality and an aging population, this is, sadly, a recipe for disaster. That aside, ensuring that care is of high quality and humane is a challenge across the country, and the state of Illinois is no exception.

In order to protect individuals in nursing home facilities, the state of Illinois passed the Nursing Home Care Act, but this law only covers the bare minimum in terms of basic care, and oftentimes those requirements are not met or severely ignored. This is, tragically, another example of how the public good and the state overseeing protections of its citizens is failing. That is where protections in the court of law and specifically through litigation come into play.

When family must contend with admitting their loved one to a nursing home, neglect and abuse should be discussed openly, and it should be kept in mind when visiting the nursing home facility on a regular basis. On top of being vigilant about these possible occurrences, being mindful of negligence in terms of medical treatment is another potentially pressing matter. This is another matter that has been discussed on our blog, that is, the issue of when medical treatment can no longer be carried out at a nursing home facility and must be taken over by medical personnel at a hospital or by a specialist. Again, this is why employees at nursing home facilities need to be properly trained, so that they can make the appropriate assessment of a situation that requires them to hand over your loved one to someone more professionally equipped to handle his or her health.

In short, it is crucial that you remain vigilant after your loved one moves into a nursing home facility. If you believe that your loved one has been abused or neglected in a nursing home facility, it is crucial to have knowledgeable counsel on your side in order to defend your rights. Our attorneys are sensitive to these matters and have litigated cases involving abuse, neglect, and medical negligence in nursing home facilities. So,if you want to speak to one of our experts today, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help and come to you and your loved one’s aid.

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