$50 Million Nursing Home Settlement Approved By Judge

This blog has frequently reported on the progress of a large nursing home lawsuit against the Skilled HealthCare Group. The genesis of the class-action lawsuit was the nursing home chain’s inadequate staffing levels at many of its facilities. The law in the state required 3.2 hours of nursing care per patient and the facilities were falling far below that amount, according to the suit.

A jury trial on that issue resulted in a mind-numbing $670 million verdict against the negligent nursing home chain to make-up the difference in lost care provided to thousands of victims. Before an appeal of that jury decision, the company agreed to settle the matter for $50 million-with most of those funds to be set aside in an escrow account to help support victims of the nursing home chain’s negligence. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, this week a judge officially approved that settlement.

Specifically, Skilled Healthcare will pay $50 million to around 32,000 patients living at the facilities where care was found to be lacking. In addition, the chain will pay around $12.8 million to ensure future compliance with the 3.2 hour nursing requirement in state law.

The main issue in this legal case-inadequate staffing-is found in so many of the lawsuits filed by our Chicago nursing home lawyers at Levin & Perconti. Many nursing homes in Illinois similarly fail to comply with the minimum hours of nursing care requirement designated by state law. As a result residents continue to suffer injury and death that could have been prevented with more active care. It is never acceptable for these nursing homes to skirt the law and harm residents. Report unethical behavior at nursing facilities near you and ensure help ensure that fewer loved ones are suffer abuse and neglect.

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