$50 Million Lawsuit Filed Against Nursing Home

Elderly Woman Attacked

Convict Walked Into Nursing Home and Sexually Assaulted Elderly Woman

A $50 million claim has been made against a California nursing home after a convict snuck in and sexually abused an 88-year-old woman, according to San Diego news source, NBC7. Lawyers for the victim’s family say shortly after 49-year-old Lusean Arline was released on parole, he welcomed himself through a Hillcrest nursing home’s unlocked back door and then proceeded to the second floor and sexually attack an elderly resident in her room. The report further explained that the woman was taken to a local hospital where she was treated for the rape, a broken arm, and emotional stress.

Nursing Home Negligence ‘Opened the Door’ to Violent Crime

According to the lawsuit, the criminal walked by a nurse’s station and went unnoticed by staff before the after-hours assault occurred. It was the victim’s roommate who screamed and sounded an alarm as soon as she saw the man raping the woman. The attacker fled the scene and was later identified by DNA evidence. He was arrested and now faces criminal charges of rape, sexual assault, burglary and elder abuse. He faces life in prison if convicted of all counts.

The victim’s family is seeking damages against Balboa Healthcare and parent company Providence Group Inc. for allowing the convict onto their premises and their demonstration of a complete lack of awareness of the staff on duty. The facility is allegedly aware that a considerable number of transient people lived nearby but have refused to update security, and according to state inspection reports – the home is routinely understaffed.

Crimes That Occur Inside Nursing Homes May Go Unreported

Sadly, sexual assaults that happen at nursing homes are not always reported to authorities. Victims may not be aware of the attack or be able to communicate the violation due to health conditions such as dementia. Others may have general hesitation to report the violation to family or staff out of embarrassment and fear of being transferred to a different setting. More shocking, violations can be reported by the residents themselves or their loved ones but never taken to the police and department of public health by administrators even though it is required by law. Sexual assaults, rapes and harassment, and violent crimes are all forms of negligence. There is a duty to supervise residents in all areas of nursing homes at all times.

Representing Nursing Home Abuse Victims for Over 25 Years

If you suspect physical or sexual abuse or a violent crime has happened to your loved one while residing in a skilled nursing facility, our nursing home abuse attorneys are here to help. We will review your case and go over all of your legal options together in a free and confidential consultation. You will never pay any fees unless we successfully resolve your case, so call us at 877-374-1417 or 312-332-2872 to speak with one of our experienced attorneys.

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