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$3.2 Million Verdict Returned in Nursing Home Neglect Lawsuit

The Denver Post reported this week on the end of a nursing home lawsuit in Colorado that resulted in a significant verdict for the family of a former nursing home resident. Unfortunately, the facts of that case mirror many that our Chicago nursing home attorneys have seen over the years of negligent care resulting in the deaths of unsuspecting seniors. It is yet another reminder of the continuing need to hold these homes responsible when their mistreatment causes pain, suffering, and injury. These facilities are unlikely to make the necessary changes on their own.

According to the story, the family of an 88-year old man alleged that poor care at the home led to his death. The resident entered the facility in May of 2009. He was suffering from Parkinson’s but still maintained much independence. He worked as a janitor at the home and was capable of walking on his own.

However, the family claims that he soon began suffered from a bedsore. The wound sapped his health, making him bedridden. He then stopped eating and drinking. The family argued that the facility did not provide proper care to prevent or treat the wound, and so it expanded. Other bedsores developed. One was so severe that it was the size of a baseball.

The family did not know of the problem until one aide confided in them that he thought the wounds were very severe. The aide explained that he was worried about getting fired, however, he spoke out because he was afraid that the man was going to die. Obviously, the family took immediate action and demanded that the man be taken directly to the hospital. Yet, the facility apparently protested. They claimed that the man could be cared for at the nursing home. The family eventually forced the man to be taken to the hospital where, on top of the bedsores, doctors found that he was dehydrated and malnourished. The man died shortly after, and the doctor’s linked his passing to the bedsores.

The family filed a nursing home neglect lawsuit and the case went to trial. The trial recently ended with a jury reaching a verdict for the family. They awarded them $3.2 million for the harm.

If you or a loved one may have been hurt in any way by mistreatment at these facilities, please remember that you have options. Our Illinois nursing home neglect attorneys are available to help families who suspect that they did not receive adequate care at a local nursing home.

The law demands that these care facilities meet certain requirements in the way that they provide for the residents who depend on them. Quite often those legal requirements are not met. In fact, some argue that there is an epidemic of poor nursing home care. However, the skirting of the law continues, because most hurt don’t actually come forward and press for their rights. That is why we continue to urge those affected in these ways to ensure accountability. Not only does this provide redress for the losses in your particular circumstances, but is also helps all other residents at the facility. You can be sure that there is rarely just one victim at a negligent home-mistreatment affects many seniors. However, even if just one of those hurt steps up, changes can often be demanded which will affect every senior in the facility.

It is important to remember that there are statute of limitations rules that apply to these cases. That means that there are time limits for filing suits. Do not delay; reach out to a legal professional today.

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