2 Men Die from Pressure Ulcers at Separate Nursing Homes Owned by Same Company

A law firm in Eureka, California, is representing the families of two men who died from complications from pressure ulcers within 8 months of each other. The men were unknown to each other, but both received negligent care at facilities owned by the same company and run by the same nursing home administrator.

The lawsuits allege that understaffing was an intentional business decision and that the lack of available staff plus negligence on the part of nursing and medical staff caused both men’s deaths. Eureka Rehabilitation & Wellness Center and Seaview Rehabilitation & Wellness Center are both owned by Brius Healthcare and day-to-day operations of both facilities are overseen by Rockport Healthcare Services.

Avoidable Deaths
Randy Kruger was admitted to Eureka Rehabilitation and Wellness Center in July 2015. After 13 months in the facility, he developed a pressure sore on his tailbone that progressed rapidly. 3 months after it materialized, Mr. Kruger’s pressure sore had grown so large and infected that his attorney described his injury as a wound ‘so large you can put your fist in it all the way to [his] backbone.’ Mr. Kruger died from overwhelming bone infection and pneumonia. He was just 64 years old.

Ralph Sorensen was admitted to Seaview Rehabilitation and Wellness Center in November 2015. Within a month of admittance, he had developed a pressure ulcer that went unreported and undocumented (although not unnoticed by staff) until he had to be hospitalized due to the sore. Mr. Sorensen also died from his injuries. He was just 76. The lawsuit against Seaview alleges that a nursing assistant first noticed the bed sore and did not chart it or report to a nurse or physician. 3 days later, a nurse found the same spot and also did not chart the finding or report it to medical staff. The complaint also notes that Mr. Sorensen’s care while at Seaview was grossly negligent, stating that he was never bathed, his chart never updated with skin assessments (as required by his care plan) or his dietary intake.

Sadly, pressure ulcers (also known as bed sores or pressure sores) are an entirely preventable medical issue. Any sign of a pressure ulcer on a resident in a care facility indicates negligence. Preventative measures such as rotating residents and bathing and changing their bed linens are all considered routine care, the absolute lowest standard one should expect to be met in a nursing home.

Brius Healthcare Services Known to Give Poor Care
The owner of both Eureka & Seaview Rehabilitation & Wellness Centers was not unknown to the California Department of Public Health. Eureka was fined $160,000 for violations that occurred in 2016 and Seaview was fined for 2 separate violations relating to the pressure ulcer and death of Mr. Sorensen. Last year Brius Healthcare attempted to buy 5 California facilities and was denied by the CA Department of Public Health. 3 years ago the former state Attorney General blocked their attempt to buy 19 facilities, stating that they routinely and knowingly violated state health laws.

Levin & Perconti – Record Bed Sore Settlement 
Bed sores, pressure sores, pressure ulcers – no matter what you call them, they are a form of neglect and a sign that a loved one is not being properly cared for. No one should have to suffer from such a preventable and horrific injury. If you or a loved one has suffered from or is currently suffering from a pressure sore, our nursing home abuse and neglect attorneys are here for you. We have successfully handled cases just like yours, including a $3 million record setting bed sore settlement. A consultation with one of our compassionate attorneys is free and confidential, so please contact us.


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