Community Meeting For Chicago Nursing Home Justice June 8

The Civic Action Network is holding a community meeting for nursing home justice. The meeting will take place on Monday June 8, 2009 at the Bray Temple CME Church located at 1049 E. 73rd Street in Chicago, Illinois. The meeting will take place from 6:30-8:00 PM. The goal of this meeting is to address the growing disparities amongst the Alden Network nursing homes in Chicago. The Alden’s three homes on the South Side of Chicago provide half the staff time per nursing home resident as the nursing homes in the suburbs do. Additionally the nursing homes have faced elderly negligence lawsuits over 30 times for issues like medical malpractice. The recent wrongful death of an 84-year-old man in Chicago has prompted community organizers to discuss how this problem might be remedied. To learn more about the racial disparities in Chicago nursing homes, please visit the civic action network’s website.

Disparaties in Care Found in Alden Nursing Homes in Chicago

The wrongful death of an 85-year-old Chicago nursing home resident launched an investigation by The Chicago Reporter to determine the qualities of nursing homes throughout Illinois. The investigation found that the specific South Side nursing home has the worst rating that any home can receive and that residents get less than half the time each day with staff than residents at a predominately white facility in Evanston which is operated by the same owner. If this nursing home negligence lawsuit is filed, it will be the 14th in Cook County court against the Alden nursing homes between 2004 and 2009. That’s more than three times the elderly neglect lawsuits than half of the city’s 91 nursing homes, with the median number being four. Schlossberg has ownership in 30 homes in Illinois. An analysis of those homes revealed that there were racial disparities in the care that that residents received. Each of the three predominately black facilities received the lowest possible nursing home rating. The two facilities with the highest ratings had 84 percent white residents. Residents at the predominately black homes received much less staff time than residents of the white facilities. For example residents at the Evanston location received 5.53 hours of care per day, while the Harvey facility received 1.73 hours per day. The investigation also found that the disparities between black and white homes were even greater where at least 75 percent of care was paid by Medicaid. The idea that race plays a role a facility’s quality of care is greatly disturbing fact recovered by this investigation.

To read more about the disparities in nursing homes, please click the link.

For a map of the Schlossberg nursing homes in the Chicago land area, please click the link.

Illinois Nursing Home Sued over Resident’s Care

A woman is claiming she received injuries after a Cahokia, Illinois nursing home failed to provide adequate care. The woman filed the nursing home negligence lawsuit in St. Clair County Circuit Court. The elderly negligence lawsuit alleges that employees at the center failed to care for her as they should have by failing to develop an individualized comprehensive care plan to ensure that she was kept clean to prevent infection in the skin of her abdominal folds. Additionally, they failed to develop a comprehensive care plan for her to address her medical, nursing, mental and psychosocial needs. As a result of this negligence, the woman was injured and is seeking a judgment in excess of $50,000. It is important that nursing homes develop comprehensive plans for each individual resident in order to avoid nursing home negligence. To read more about the elderly lawsuit, please click the link.

Nursing Home Doctor Fails to Disclose Background

A woman claims that a nursing home doctor gave false information when applying for a medical license. The doctor’s license would have been suspended had it not been for a $3,000 fine. The doctor’s license had been suspended in four states. The daughter of a deceased nursing home patient was unaware of the sanctions against the doctor, who treated her mother for four years. The daughter is claiming that the doctor gave her mother the wrong dosage of medicines many times. Disclosures of backgrounds will greatly help decrease the amount of nursing home negligence that occurs. Nursing home negligence can be found anywhere, including Chicago, Illinois. To read more about the doctor’s false background, please click the link.

Two Women Face Elder Abuse Trial

Two women are set to stand trial on unrelated charges that they abused elderly patients in their care. One 27-year-old woman is set to go on trial for the elderly abuse of a 98-year-old woman in her care at the nursing home. The other 21-year-old woman is charged with elderly abuse after attacking a 76-year-old woman. They face up to five years in prison if they are convicted. One victim had bruises, a bite mark on her hand, scratches on her forehead and two bruised eyes. Both women passed background checks before being hired. It is important for all nursing homes to do sufficient background checks and all employees. This will help decrease the physical abuse seen in these two cases. To read more about the elderly abuse, please click the link.

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day Comes on June 15

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day falls on the fifteenth of June each year. This day serves as a call-to-action for individuals, organizations and communities to come together and raise awareness about elder abuse, neglect and exploitation. Activities such as developing an educational program or press conference or volunteering to call or visit an isolated senior who may be at risk of elder abuse, neglect or exploitation are ways to observe this day. Additionally another way to help elder abuse is to carry out an activity that aims to create awareness of elder mistreatment, such as submitting an editorial or press release to your local newspaper. The International Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse has many suggestions for raising elder abuse awareness. Observations for elder abuse will occur all over the world, including here in Chicago, Illinois. To read more about the elder awareness day, please click the link.

Nursing Home Loses Medicare and Medicaid Funds

More than two dozen residents of a nursing home that is losing its Medicare and Medicaid funding are being forced to move. The nursing home is having its certification pulled because of deficiencies found by state health inspectors. The deficiencies centered on medical and nursing home neglect. Inspectors found one resident with 17 pressure ulcers who was not receiving appropriate treatment that was ordered by a physician. Other examples of elderly neglect include some residents who were not being turned or cleaned and in some instances were not fed. Many residents had experienced severe weight loss. Other residents had not received assistance with meals to prevent severe weight loss. Many staff members were not following doctor’s orders to care for medical problems such as not monitoring blood glucose for diabetics. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services allow three revisits to a nursing home to determine if they will terminate funding. To read more about the nursing home abuse, please click the link.

Home Cited for Employee Cell Phone Use

State officials have cited a nursing home for improper cell phone use by employees. This citation took place after investigators said staff members took cell phone photos of residents. They then attached sexually explicit lyrics and sent them as text messages to other workers. States need to take action to protect residents against elder abuse. Illinois should ensure that nursing home employees should not use cell phones. To read more about elderly abuse, please click the link.

Four Nursing Home Negligence Lawsuits Remain after Natural Disaster

Only four nursing home negligence lawsuits remain against the owners of the nursing home where 35 people died following Hurricane Katrina. Settlements have been reached in the remaining 34 wrongful death suits and 12 personal injury cases. The nursing home owners were acquitted of negligent homicide and cruelty charges for not evacuating the facility as the storm approached. The nursing home owners had previously faced 35 counts of negligent homicide and 24 counts of cruelty to the elderly after the patients drowned. Some of the patients were still in their beds when they drowned. It is important for nursing homes to have an emergency plan for evacuating residents. To read more about the wrongful death lawsuits, please click the link.

Nursing Home Worker Charged with Elderly Abuse

A former nursing assistant was arrested and charged with felony elder abuse. The woman allegedly kicked a 76-year-old woman in the back and slapped her in the face. The elder abuser and two other employees were helping the elderly woman get up from a fall in the bathroom. Struggling to help the woman, the nursing assistant kicked her in the lower back while she was still down and then slapped her in the face when she was lifted to her feet. This physical abuse happens too often to nursing home residents. The woman faces one charge of battery on the elderly and one charge of elderly abuse, which are both felonies. If you believe that nursing home abuse has happened to one of our loved ones, find a Chicago lawyer. To read more about the elderly abuse, please click the link.

Nursing Home Fatality Leads to Three Disciplined Employees

Three nursing home employees have been disciplined with elderly negligence after a state investigation revealed the death of a 93-year old resident at an assisted-living facility. The health department discovered the elderly negligence in that the employees each noticed that the deceased resident was not in his room but failed to report it. The elderly man either fell or jumped from his second-floor room, however his body was not found until the next morning. The man had suffered blunt-force injuries consistent with the fall. The report found that the first employee had responded to a call from the victim’s roommate requesting help in closing the window. While noticing that the victim was not present in his room, the employee negligently failed to inform anyone. Other employees believed that the victim had been hospitalized, yet confirmed this with no one. The protocol was for employees to notify a supervisor when a resident becomes missing. The victim’s body subsequently lay outside for at least 11 hours in freezing temperatures. Elderly negligence such as this often occurs at assisted-living facilities where residents are given more freedom. To read more about the elderly death, please click the link.

Nursing Homes May Need Fines to Get their Attention

When a nursing home resident’s minor injury is left untreated and thus progresses to something major that will inevitably kill her, the nursing home should be fined. This is equally true when one resident beats another in a nursing home cafeteria because there’s no staff member there to stop it. These are all problems that lead to nursing home negligence and wrongful death. The only way for a nursing home to be punished is to be fined, but an Illinois ruling ties the hands of the Department of Public Health on how much can be fined. Currently Illinois caps the violations at $10,000 a pop. The solution to this problem is simple, have the legislature permit higher fines for egregious elderly abuse and negligence. Illinois must allow for higher fines in order to remedy these ongoing problems. To read more about Illinois fines, please click the link.

State asks Nursing Home Employees to limit Cell Phone Use

A state is asking their nursing homes to limit employees’ use of cell phones to prevent improper use of the devices in incidents involving residents. This comes after an investigation that revealed that staff members attached sexually explicit lyrics to photos of residents and sent them as text messages to other employees. Documents also revealed that employees recorded patients screaming or asking to use the bathroom and then played a guessing game to see which resident was involved. This included photos of resident’s that were not fully clothed. One employee did not view this incident as elderly abuse, but rather fun. In an incident of nursing home abuse, an employee took a photo of a resident entering the bathroom. The photo showed the resident’s exposed back, legs and incontinence brief, which additionally was wet. This staff member than attached the lyrics of a song entitled “Stanky Leggs” to the photo and sent it to a nursing assistant. The nursing home has fired all those involved in the abuse incident. Illinois should consider enacting a law limiting cell phone use in nursing homes. To read more about the nursing home abuse, please click the link.

Woman Charged in Elder Abuse Case

Three women have been jailed on elder abuse allegations that they were involved in a scam that bilked an elderly man out of more than $150,000 he received from a settlement. One woman is charged with two counts of financial exploitation of a vulnerable adult. The woman is also accused of forcing the 78-year-old victim to live in a shed in her back yard without plumbing. Investigators say the woman abused her power of attorney and her role as a caregiver, spent most of the money from the lawsuit settlement and then transferred what little she had not spent her account. Financial exploitation has become all too common amongst the elderly. To read more about the financial abuse, please click the link.

Nursing Home Resident Physically Abused

Criminal charges have been lodged against a former nursing home worker for physically abusing an 88-year-old wheelchair-bound resident in the nursing home that resulted in a broken clavicle and other injuries. The complaint stated that he man admitted that he struck, grabbed and pushed an 88-year-old bedridden woman who was suffering form dementia and impaired vision. Nursing home staff noticed that the resident’s extensive injuries and notified their superiors. In addition to suffering from facial bruising, the complaint alleges that the resident sustained a fractured right clavicle. Elderly abuse occurs at nursing home throughout the country, including here in Chicago, Illinois. To read more about the physical abuse, please click the link.

Nursing Home Patient Alleges Sexual Assault

The police are investigating a local nursing home after a 78-year-old patient alleged she was sexually assaulted by a male staff member. A resident at the nursing home claimed that a CN touched her inappropriately. The nursing home director reported the incident to police three days after it allegedly occurred. The suspect of the allegations is a 43-year-old man. If you believe someone is the victim of elderly sexual abuse, find a Chicago lawyer. To read more about the sexual abuse, please click the link.

Elder Abuse Charged at Nursing Home

A health-care worker is charged with physically abusing an 88-year-old bed-ridden resident at the medical center’s nursing home. The man, a former-nurse aide, is accused of hitting, grabbing and punching the visually and dementia-impaired woman. This elderly abuse left her with a broken collarbone and facial bruising. The nursing home staff noticed the woman’s severe injuries the next morning and notified administrators and her family. The man has been charged with second-degree endangering the welfare of a vulnerable elderly person, endangering the welfare of an incompetent or physically disabled person and willful violation of health laws. The victim of the physical abuse continues to reside at the nursing home. Nothing in his background indicated past instances of abuse. If you have experienced elderly abuse, find a Chicago lawyer. To read more about the physical abuse, please click the link.

State’s Decision Supports Lower Fines in Illinois Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Cases

An Illinois judge handed down a ruling that said the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) illegally increased fines against nursing homes. The IDPH may no longer fine a nursing home more than $10,000. This comes as a blow to many nursing home advocates who fear that lowering fines will cause an increase in poor quality care. With smaller fines, Illinois nursing homes will have less incentive to provide quality care. Larger fines motivate nursing homes to avoid punishment by delivering appropriate care to their residents. It is most likely that the IDPH will appeal this decision. According to the IDPH acting director, “We have been fining what we feel is appropriate for what we find." To read the full story about this devastating ruling about Illinois nursing homes, follow the link.

Family Sues Illinois Nursing Home in Alleged Sex Attack

The family of a 69-year-old woman has filed a nursing home negligence lawsuit against an Illinois nursing home for failing to protect her from being sexually assaulted by a 21-year-old mentally ill resident. The Elgin facility tried to cover up a brutal rape by calling it consensual sex. This is an example of how mixing frail elderly residents and younger mentally ill tenants in nursing homes can lead to violence if facilities do not monitor potentially dangerous residents. The 21-year-old was missing at bed check, but “no search was made or alarm sounded to alert residents and staff that a young, aggressive, sexual frustrated, convicted felon was prowling the halls oft he nursing home,” the suit alleges. A night shift nurse heard an elderly woman moaning and entered her room. She then found the woman in her bathroom and was trying to call 9-1-1 to report someone attacking the woman. The suit was filed in Cook Count Circuit court and seeks at least $50,000 in damages. The man has pled not guilty to aggravated sexual assault. To read more about the Chicago nursing home abuse , please click the link.

Nursing Home Lawyers File Lawsuit Against Negligent Facility

A woman believes her mother died after nursing home negligence. The woman has filed a elderly negligence lawsuit against the nursing home. She also claims that her mother had a $400 ring stolen from her while she was in the nursing home. The victim was also being given medicines she did not order like insulin, potassium, antibiotics and Cumadin. In addition to filing a written complaint, the woman also said she made a complaint to the adult protective services division. Unfortunately, this type of nursing home negligence occurs everywhere, including Chicago, Illinois. To read more about the elderly negligence, please click the link.

Area Nursing Home Employee is charged with Theft

A nursing home employee has been charged with felonies in the theft of a credit card from a patient at the home. The police say the 25-year-old employee stole a credit card and then tried to get money from the ATM machine. A bank employee called the police to report suspicious activity and the man threw the credit card in the trash can. He was charged with grand larceny, tampering with physical evidence and criminal possession of stolen property. Financial exploitation of the elderly has become all too common. To read more about the financial abuse, please click the link.

During National Nursing Home Week learn how to find the Best Nursing Home

There are certain steps that a person should check when trying to find the nursing home that is best for them. First, you should find nursing homes in your area. Then it is important to compare the quality of nursing homes you are considering. One way to do this is to look at health inspections and fire safety inspection reports, nursing home staffing rates, and quality measures. Another important place to check is to see how many stars the received on their quality rating. After doing the research, visit the nursing homes you are interested in, or have someone visit for you, and talk to patients. Then it is time to choose the nursing home that meets your needs. Since it is National Nursing Home week, it is important to take all the steps to finding the right nursing home. To read more about nursing home choices, please click the link.

Nursing Home Aide Accused of Sexually abusing 78-year-old Patient

A 52-year-old man who worked at a nursing home has been charged with sexually abusing a 78-year-old patient. The man is formally charged with felony sex abuse, misdemeanor third-degree sex abuse for the incidents, alleged to have place at the center for approximately a month. He is already facing sex abuse charges from his employment at another area nursing home. The man is accused of sexually abusing a physically helpless female patient by touching her breasts and vaginal areas in the evening hours. The man was already facing third-degree sex abuse charges based on an incident alleged to have taken place between August and September 2008. In that case this man allegedly French-kissed a younger female wheelchair-bound patient with multiple sclerosis. Too often those with criminal backgrounds become employed in nursing homes, even here in Chicago, Illinois. To read more about the sexual abuse, please click here.

Alzheimer’s Drug Seroquel Causes Side Effects

Research has found that Seroquel anger is a serious side effect that can cause injury to patients who are taking this antipsychotic medication. Elderly patients who are taking Seroquel for the treatment of dementia or Alzheimer’s seem to have the greatest risk of suffering from the anger side effect. Additionally, studies have indicated that Seroquel use can actually worsen a patient’s dementia and Alzheimer’s symptoms. Seroquel anger is a serious side effect that is commonly observed in older patients who are taking Seroquel to treat this very symptom and other injurious dementia symptoms. Patients at nursing homes should be aware of the effects of Seroquel. If you have experienced Seroquel anger find a Chicago lawyer. To read more about the Alzheimer’s drug, please click the link.

Man Charged with Molesting Fellow Nursing Home Resident

A 72-year-old man was arrested and charged with molesting a 53-year-old woman with the mental capacity of a 5-year-old at their nursing home. The man was charged with lewd and lascivious battery on a disabled person. The man was seen touching the woman’s breast. He had been warned several times to not have contact with her or engage in inappropriate conduct with her. Sexual abuse can oftentimes occur with residents, including here in Chicago, Illinois. To read more about the sexual abuse, please click the link.

Man Sentenced in Nursing Home Sexual Assault Case

A man who pled guilty to sexually assaulting an elderly woman at a retirement home will spend close to 12 years in prison. Investigators say the man was already a registered sex offender when he broke in the nursing home and fondled an 85-year-old woman. He had additionally asked an 85-year-old man for sex. The man pled guilty to aggravated burglary, aggravated sexual battery and attempted aggravated criminal sodomy. Sexual assault can happen at many nursing homes, including ones here in Chicago, Illinois. To read more about the sexual assault, please click the link.

Nursing Home Cited in 6 Deaths

Nursing Homes have been cited by state investigators for failing to perform lifesaving measures on residents who had requested that they be resuscitated. Two nursing homes have been cited for ignoring written orders that residents not be resuscitated. These errors show how using purple wristbands to identify residents who had signed a do not resuscitate order may be helpful. The nursing homes were sanctioned for their inability to follow orders. Legislatures in other states have enacted a nursing home law requiring purple wristbands. The hospital association is also considering using a red wristband to indicate allergies and a yellow wristband to indicate that a patient has a risk of falling. These wristbands would greatly help flag specific patients and woudl be useful in Chicago, Illinois. To read more about this nursing home legislation, please click the link.

Resident Falls to His Death at Alden Wentworth in Chicago

An 84-year-old nursing home resident at Alden Wentworth Rehabilitation in Chicago died on May 4 after falling from a window at the nursing home. According to the Southtown Star, the victim was from Chicago’s South Side. At the time of the report, it was not know whether his death was accidental or a suicide. However, the article did note that the victim was suffering from dementia. To read more about this death at Alden Wentworth in Chicago follow the link.

Falls often occur at nursing homes, and in many cases, the results are devastating. "In many instances, deaths such as this are a result of nursing home negligence. When residents suffer from dementia or Alzheimer's, they require a great degree of care and supervision. Unfortunately, serious injuries and death may occur when the nursing home staff fails to provide this care," said Steve Levin of Levin & Perconti in Chicago.

If you or a loved one has suffered serious personal injury or death due to nursing home negligence, please contact our offices by email or at 312-332-2872 to discuss your case with one of our experienced Chicago nursing home lawyers.

Abuse charges filed against Nursing Home Aide

A nurse’s aide at a nursing home was charged with abusing an 80-year-old female patient by tying her legs together during an eight-hour shift. The woman had no authorization to commit such physical restraint on the elderly woman. The victim suffered from Parkinson’s disease and dementia. She was incapable of caring for herself. Several unnamed witnesses saw the physical abuse. The woman is charged with endangering the welfare of a physically disabled or incompetent person and violating the public health law. This type of physical restraint is seen all over the country, including here in Chicago, Illinois. To read more about the restraint, please click the link.

Two Sisters on Trial in Kane County Elderly Abuse Case

Two sisters are on trial, charged with criminal abuse or neglect of an elderly person, after their mother was found dead in their care. Prosecutors in Kane County, Illinois believe that malnourishment, dehydration and the bed sores on the woman’s body were contributing factors in the elderly woman’s death. The medical examiner outlined the damage to the woman’s body at the time of her death, indicating she had 9 bed sores on her back, a curved spine and cancer. The victim had a 4-inch bed sore on her back that was so severe that it provided a direct way for infections to move into her bone marrow. A patient-care technician testified that when the woman was brought into the hospital her clothes were wet with urine. She also had fecal matter on her legs and ants on her clothing. To read more about the elderly abuse, please click the link.

Man Jailed for Embezzlement and Elder Abuse

A man is currently behind bars after the embezzlement and elderly neglect of his own mother. The victim was diabetic, deaf in one ear and blind in one eye. The man is charged with one count of embezzlement of a vulnerable adult, which is felony. Additionally, once inside the victim’s home investigators say they found trash, clothing and dirty dishes strewn about the house. There was no running water and no heat. There was obvious elderly neglect with the victim being found on a urine-soaked, maggot-infested sofa. When the investigators lifted up the couch a pool of urine ran down the sides. The man was taking the money she got in assistance and using it for himself. This is an example of both financial exploitation and elderly abuse. To read more about the elderly neglect case, please click the link.

Nurse Steals $22,000 from Elderly Man

A registered nurse stole more than $22,000 from an elderly man suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and then used the money to pay for expensive lingerie, delinquent tax bills, a trip to Atlantic City and more. The woman surrendered to authorities on various financial exploitation felony charges that could land her in jail for up to 15 years. The county’s prosecutor was appalled adding that it is disturbing for a registered nurse to steal from an Alzheimer’s patient. This case highlights that elder abuse is not just physical it can also be seen in financial abuse. If you believe you have been a victim of financial exploitation, find an Illinois lawyer. To read more about the nursing home negligence case, please click the link.

Poor Care Led to Nursing Home Resident’s Death

A woman is alleging a nursing home’s substandard care of her mother resulted in her ultimate death. The elderly abuse lawsuit states that the woman suffered serious infections including numerous urinary tract infections. Additionally the nursing home staff is accused of failing to timely report these changes to the physician, resulting in delays in treatment. This, the family alleges, ultimately led to the nursing home patient’s death. The family members claim that this nursing home negligence has caused them mental pain and suffering as well as loss of companionship. To read more about the elderly negligence, please click the link.