November 27, 2015

Sexual Abuse in Nursing Homes

by Levin & Perconti

We expect that our loved ones will be safe when we allow them to receive care in a nursing home. Yet many elderly are abused and neglected while they reside in these types of facilities. It may seem unfathomable, but sexual abuse occurs in nursing homes across the country more often than we may think. Unfortunately, nursing home abuse can be dangerous for residents. Nursing home patients are at a 300% higher risk of death if they have been abused. Abuse of any type is not appropriate and sexual abusers must be punished legally.

What is Sexual Abuse?
Sexual abuse is defined as any type of non-consensual physical contact. It may include molestation, rape, and any sexual contact with a person with limited mental capacity. It may also include contact with someone who is unable to provide consent due to Alzheimer’s or diminished mental capacity. If someone is unable to give consent, the sexual contact is considered abuse. In a nursing home, the perpetrator may be a caregiver, employee, attendant, fellow resident, or visitor. Sexual abuse most often happens to women, however sometimes it may occur to men as well.

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November 25, 2015

Nursing Home Negligence Led to Death, Lawsuit Says

by Levin & Perconti

A lawsuit has been filed in Cook County alleging negligence on the part of a nursing home. According to the lawsuit, a woman died after the nursing home failed to promptly provide the proper medical treatment. The woman was a resident of The Villa at Windsor Park Nursing and Rehab Center, 2649 E. 75th St., Chicago, IL between April 15 and April 22, 2014. The woman complained of stomach pain and had vomiting and a poor appetite. However, despite being told she would be given medication, no treatment was rendered. Finally, on April 22, 2104, she was taken to the hospital where she was diagnosed with a bowel obstruction. The bowel obstruction was inoperable and the woman died 18 days later.

Bowel Obstruction Led to Death
In this case, the woman was ultimately diagnosed with a bowel obstruction that ultimately caused her death. She spent more than a week at the nursing facility during which time her condition was never diagnosed nor treated. The lawsuit states that the nursing home acted in a negligent manner and contributed to or caused her death. Had her condition been more timely identified the woman would have been more quickly treated and the outcome may have been much different. Nursing home care givers knew the woman was ill and was complaining of pain and showed symptoms that required treatment. Yet, it took more than a week for her to be transported to the hospital where the diagnosis took place. Diagnosis is most commonly done through the use of an x-ray or CT scan of the abdomen.

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November 21, 2015

Nursing Home Sued for Negligence in Woman’s Death

by Levin & Perconti

A man has filed a lawsuit claiming negligence in the death of his wife at a Cook County nursing home. According to the lawsuit, the woman developed pressure ulcers along with extreme weight loss while living at The Villa at Evergreen Park, also known as the Evergreen Living & Rehab Center. The woman suffered both mental and physical deterioration as a result of the neglect and died in September 2013. The suit claims that the negligence contributed to her death.

Malnutrition is Negligence
Very often, malnutrition that occurs while a resident of a nursing home is preventable and may be considered negligent care or elder abuse. Elderly patients and those who are recovering from illness could be at a higher risk for malnutrition. However, once a patient is receiving adequate nutrition their health can quickly go downhill. Malnutrition may occur in the elderly for a number of different reasons. For example, the patient may be taking medication that could cause a decrease in appetite. Pain and illness may make someone less hungry, and dental problems may make eating difficult or painful. Regardless of the reason, a patient’s dietary intake must be monitored and adjusted accordingly.

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November 19, 2015

Woman Sues Nursing Home for Neglect in Diabetic Mother’s Death

by Levin & Perconti

A woman has filed a lawsuit in Cook County after her mother died of complications due to her alleged neglect. The suit states that the mother, a resident of Symphony Crestwood, was not properly cared for. As a result of the inadequate monitoring of her blood sugar levels, the woman went into a coma and subsequently died. The woman was an insulin-dependent diabetic and required skilled nursing care. The lawsuit cites negligent care and names the nursing facility and associated companies seeking more than $50,000 in damages.

Skilled Nursing Facilities
Skilled nursing homes are required to provide a higher level of care than other types of facilities. Residents in these types of homes typically have increased medical and care needs. Sometimes the care required is long-term while other times the patient may be recovering from surgery or illness. The caregiver is required to pay close attention to the patients in order to make sure that they are treated for their medical conditions. In fact, that is why many families make the decision to place a loved one into such a home – to ensure that their medical needs are constantly attended to. When proper care is not provided, the result can be injury or death.

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November 17, 2015

Neglect Case Filed Against Illinois Nursing Home

by Levin & Perconti

A lawsuit has been filed in Cook County against a nursing home in Arlington Heights, IL. The suit was filed by the son whose elderly father was allegedly neglected while a resident in the facility. The suit names the nursing home, Manorcare Health Services as well as HCR Healthcare and a registered nurse who worked at the home. According to the lawsuit, the man suffered several falls and a head injury. Additionally, he had skin breakdown in some areas due to pressure sores. These injuries were the direct result of neglect on the part of the nursing home and nurse, states the lawsuit.

Levin & Perconti Filed the Case
Attorney Jordan S. Powell of Levin & Perconti and another attorney filed the lawsuit on behalf of the man’s son. The client’s father, Harry Sorci, was a resident of Manorcare in Arlington Heights, IL from April 2012 to October 2014. Manorcare Health Services is located at 715 W. Central Rd., Arlington Heights, IL, 60005. The lawsuit alleges that the facility did not take proper care of Mr. Sorci. As a result, the man suffered a head injury as well as pressure sores and died on October 3, 2014. The lawsuit seeks damages of more than $50,000. Bruises, head injuries, and pressure sores are common signs of neglect, which is a common occurrence in nursing homes across the country.

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November 14, 2015

Woman Sues Chicago Nursing Home for Negligent Death of Mother

by Levin & Perconti

Nursing homes are expected to provide the level of care necessary to ensure the safety and health of its residents. It is shocking to find out that nursing home abuse and neglect are common across America. Such is the case for the daughter of a woman who died as a result of alleged nursing home abuse at a local Chicago facility. The lawsuit states that the mother, a resident of Peterson Park, suffered from a variety of increasingly significant medical conditions from December 2013 until her death in February 2014. In the lawsuit, the woman is seeking more than $50,000 in damages and has requested a jury trial.

Signs of Nursing Home Abuse
Nursing home abuse and neglect are not always easy to detect. Patients may be unaware of the extent of the problems, may be unable to communicate the situation, or may not want to cause trouble. For these and other reasons, many incidences of nursing home abuse go unreported. In this particular case, the daughter states that her mother began to suffer from bedsores and then pneumonia, sepsis, dehydration, and a collapsed lung. Because elderly patients are more fragile than others, their condition can quickly deteriorate when the body cannot fight off infection. For example, bedsores may not seem like a major problem, but if they are not treated they can worsen very quickly and become infected.

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November 12, 2015

Daughter Sues Nursing Home – Claims of Negligence

by Levin & Perconti

A lawsuit was filed in Cook County by the daughter of a woman who died from alleged negligence in a Chicago nursing home. The lawsuit was filed against Jackson Square Skilled Nursing and Living Center and Jackson Corp., the parent company. The woman lived in the facility from July 2013 until her death on October 31, 2013. According to court documents, the woman suffered pressure sores which worsened causing pain and disability. The lawsuit further claims that the facility violated the Illinois Nursing Home Care Act.

Pressure Sores May Be a Sign of Negligence
As seen in this case as well as many others, pressure sores can be a sign on nursing home negligence. Pressure sores, also called bedsores, are injuries to the skin that are caused by constant rubbing against something. In a nursing home, patients may have trouble moving or turning on their own and are reliant upon care workers to ensure that they do not remain in one position for an extended period of time. Pressure sores can be mild at first but often worsen with time, especially if the problem goes unnoticed.

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November 10, 2015

Family Brings Lawsuit against Nursing Home for Negligence

by Levin & Perconti

The family of a woman who died while in the care of a nursing home has filed a lawsuit in Cook County. The lawsuit states that the woman, a resident at Manorcare in Arlington Heights, IL, died as a result of negligence. The suit names Manorcare and parent company HCR Manor Care. Per the information in the suit, the nursing home failed to provide reasonable and adequate care. As a result, the patient suffered lowered weight, because of inadequate nutrition, and a bedsore that became infected. The woman died in December 2013.

Nursing Home Negligence
When we leave our parents of grandparents in a nursing home we trust that they will receive the best care possible. Sadly, this is not always the case. Elder abuse and nursing home neglect are a common occurrence. According to the National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA) more than 3 million elderly Americans reside in nursing homes or care facilities. A recent survey found that 10% of participants reported having been the victim of abuse.

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November 7, 2015

Woman Died After Neglect by Nursing Home – Lawsuit Filed

by Levin & Perconti

The daughter of a woman who died in a Cook County nursing home has filed a lawsuit. The lawsuit is against The Renaissance at 87th Street, Inc. as well as the hospital and management and parent companies of the facility. The lawsuit alleges that the woman died as a result of negligence on the part by the care facility. The woman suffered from extreme dehydration, a urinary tract infection and a few infected bedsores.

Additionally, the woman suffered a head injury due to a nursing home fall. The injuries reportedly led to her death in March 2014. When a nursing home patient was seriously injured or has died because of negligence, the family may be overwhelmed. The nursing home is under a duty to provide care to residents and when that doesn’t happen it can be devastating. A qualified nursing home abuse attorney will assist you in getting the resolution you deserve.

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November 5, 2015

Lawsuit Filed for Malpractice, Nursing Home Negligence

by Levin & Perconti

The daughter of a woman who died in a Cook County nursing home has filed a lawsuit. The lawsuit names Kindred Hospital Chicago and Rush Oak Park Hospital Inc. after the woman died while in their care. The woman died in March 2014 due to complications and infection of wounds that she received at the facilities, the lawsuit states. The woman suffered pressure ulcers on several areas of her body which worsened and became infected, leading to her death. The suit seeks more than $50,000 in damages for medical expenses and other associated costs.

Pressure Ulcers
Pressure ulcers, also commonly called bedsores, are skin lesions that develop over time. They are caused by the constant rubbing of skin on material, such as sheets, or on equipment, such as plastic tubing. When the skin continues to rub in one spot, the result is a small red skin irritation. If the situation continues, the irritation becomes worse and the skin actually breaks open. Over time, the skin degrades completely and the underneath layers of tissue, muscle, and bone can be affected. The areas often become infected which can be serious.

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November 2, 2015

Son Alleges Nursing Home Negligence in Father’s Death

by Levin & Perconti

A man has filed a lawsuit in Cook County against a nursing home where his father died. The father, an 83 year old nursing home resident, suffered from numerous falls over a period of six months. The falls lead to serious injuries including lacerations and a fractured hip. The hip fracture required surgery and ultimately, the resident died from complications of these injuries. The lawsuit alleges negligence on the part of Berkshire Nursing & Rehab Center, which caused the man’s injuries and death.

Nursing Home Falls
Indeed, nursing home falls are very common. Elderly patients fall more often for a number of reasons. In fact, the CDC, (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention),as many as 75% of nursing home patients are the victim of a fall. Some people fall more than once and falls are more common among nursing home residents than among others of the same age in the general population. Knowing this, nursing homes must use care to ensure the safety of their residents. When they fail to provide a safe environment, the result may be a negligent fall.

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October 31, 2015

Alzheimer’s and Nursing Home Abuse

by Levin & Perconti

Abuse and neglect are common occurrences in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Unfortunately, those with Alzheimer’s or any form of dementia are at a higher risk of abuse and neglect than others living in nursing homes. According to the NCEA (National Center on Elder Abuse), there are more than 5 million elderly dementia patients in the United States. As many as 47% of elderly dementia nursing home residents have been the victim of abuse or neglect.

Alzheimer’s Disease is an Increasing Problem
Alzheimer’s disease is an illness that affects the growing segment of our population - those over the age of 65. With more people living longer, those who will have Alzheimer’s or another type of dementia is on the rise. Along with this rise in dementia comes the increased need for proper care. More and more nursing facility residents are facing some level of decreased mental ability. Caregivers in nursing homes may be unprepared to handle these patients.

Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect
There are many ways in which nursing home residents are abused or neglected. When a patient is experiencing diminished mental capacity it may be easier for caregivers to treat them poorly. After all, they may not be able to tell anyone about the abuse and they may not even remember what has occurred. Some of the most common forms of abuse and neglect include:

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