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Nursing homes are required to provide proper care to our elderly loved ones in their twilight years. Sadly, sometimes nursing homes fail to provide the level of care that is expected or that is required. The administrator for a woman’s estate recently filed a lawsuit naming Windmill Nursing Pavilion in South Holland, IL, claiming nursing home negligence. The woman died as a result of the alleged improper care.

Negligent Care

Nursing homes are required to provide proper care to all of their residents. The failure to monitor the activities and meet the needs of a resident could result in an injury or illness. The woman in this instance suffered multiple falls, pressure sores, and dehydration which all reportedly led to her overall decline in health and contributed to her death. Nursing home staff members must take the steps necessary to supervise their patients, regardless of their medical condition.

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Nursing homes are required by law to provide a safe environment where proper care is provided. In some cases, nursing homes fail to provide adequate care. When a nursing home fails to properly care for a patient and an injury or death occurs, the facility is likely responsible for the negligent act. In one recent case, a nursing home resident died after a facility failed to properly care for a man while under their care. A lawsuit was filed against Glenshire Nursing and Rehabilitation Centre and others alleging negligent care led to the man’s death.

Pressure Sores are Serious

Pressure sores, also known as bedsores or pressure ulcers, are painful skin injuries that occur in areas of the skin that are in contact with the sheets. These sores can form because a patient is unable to adequately move about in bed. The skin rubs against the bedding in the same spots for an extended period of time, rubbing away the top layers. The result is a tender red mark. These sores are generally located on the tailbone, heels, and elbows but can show up anywhere. Once they appear, bedsores can be extremely difficult to treat and easily worsen.

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Nursing homes and care facilities are expected to support and monitor our elderly loved ones. Unfortunately, care facilities do not provide the care or supervision necessary to monitor residents and a patient sustains injuries or dies. Levin & Perconti is representing the estate of a woman who died due to alleged negligent care in a nursing home. The lawsuit was filed against Estates of Hyde Park, and other providers claiming that they failed to prevent her death.

Improper Supervision in Care Facilities

Nursing homes and care facilities must properly supervise and monitor residents. In this case, the lawsuit indicates that the nursing home staff did not take the corrective steps needed to prevent her from injuries. The woman experienced a fall and also developed pressure ulcers. These issues were reportedly not properly treated. The woman suffered pain and declining health until her death.

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A nursing home is expected to provide proper care of residents, and maintain their health and well-being. If a medical problem occurs, the staff is required to report the situation and seek medical attention. Unfortunately, that was not what allegedly happened to a woman who died in a nursing home. The woman was a resident of Glenwood Healthcare & Rehab when she died. The woman’s family has filed a lawsuit claiming that improper care led to wrongful death.

Decubitus Pressure Ulcer

Pressure ulcers are also called bedsores, or pressure sores. They develop mainly on people who are immobile or bedridden. Pressure ulcers are painful sores that appear on the skin in areas where the skin is in contact with bed linens. People who are immobile are unable to change positions while in bed, causing constant rubbing in the same places on the skin. The sores get red and may worsen, becoming infected. They most often develop on the heels and elbows, as well as the tailbone. Decubitus ulcers are those that are on the tailbone.

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When our parents become elderly they are often unable to care for themselves in their own homes. Often times, children make the difficult decision to place a loved one in a nursing facility. Nursing homes are supposed to provide proper care and supervision; therefore, we feel that our loved ones will be kept safe from harm. Sadly, that is not always the case. All too often, nursing home residents suffer from neglect or abuse while living in these facilities. Recently, a lawsuit was filed by the family of a woman who died because of alleged nursing home neglect.

Insufficient Measures Taken

According to the lawsuit, the nursing home failed to take sufficient measures to prevent the woman from falling. The woman suffered several falls while she was a resident of Sunrise at Fountain Square. The claim states that the nursing home did not adequately supervise the woman. This lack of supervision allowed a situation that caused the woman to fall. The woman was seriously injured as a result, and these injuries contributed to her death.

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A Toronto nurse has been charged with the deaths of 8 nursing home residents. The victims died in nursing home facilities in the Toronto area between 2007 and 2014. The woman was charged with first degree murder in all 8 cases. According to the Associated Press, AP, the nurse was an employee of Caressant Care Nursing and Retirement Homes, which owns and operates more than a dozen facilities in the south Ontario region.

Victims Were Administered Drugs

The administration of medications is one of the common requirements of nursing home staff members. Typically, prescription medications are kept in a locked area, and only caregivers are able to access it. While it is possible for medication mistakes to occur, they happen infrequently. The details of this case indicate that the nurse provided patients with overdoses of medications, which caused their deaths.

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Nursing homes are expected to provide the care and supervision our elderly loved ones need as they reach their twilight years. Sometimes, however, a nursing home may fail to offer adequate care, and a resident may be injured. The attorneys at Levin & Perconti represent a woman who was injured due to alleged negligent care in a nursing home. A lawsuit was filed against Lexington Health Care Center of Orland Park Inc. requesting damages of more than $50,000.

Illinois Nursing Home Care Act

The Illinois Nursing Home Care Act is legislation that provides rules to protect the rights of nursing home residents. The act requires nursing homes to provide proper care to their patients once they accept them into their facility. Every nursing home resident is different and has unique needs. Regardless of their medical requirements, nursing homes must properly attend to the needs of their patients. If they fail to do so, they could be held responsible should an injury occur.

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When we leave our loved one in a nursing home we expect that they will be properly cared for. Sometimes, that is not the case. Nursing home neglect is more common than many people think. When a nursing home resident is left unsupervised, and an injury occurs, the result can be devastating. The family of a nursing home resident, who died after suffering alleged neglect, has filed a lawsuit. The lawsuit was filed in Cook County against Lexington Health Care Center of Orland Park and seeks damages in excess of $50,000.

Falls Are Serious

When an elderly person suffers a fall it can be very serious. The victim may suffer bruises, scrapes, and broken bones. The man in this case fell multiple times while under the care of the nursing home. These falls caused injuries that led to the man’s declining health, and contributed to his death. Unfortunately, older individuals have a hard time recovering from injuries from a fall. If they suffer broken bones, the recovery time can be lengthy and difficult.

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Nursing homes are expected to provide proper care to their residents. Part of their job is to monitor the daily needs of their patients, and ensure that they notice any medical problems that require treatment. A resident of Bria of River Oaks died after allegedly getting inadequate care that contributed to his death. The man’s family filed a lawsuit against the nursing home claiming that the care providers failed to recognize the signs of a urinary infection, which led to the declining health and ultimate death of the resident.

Urinary Tract Infection Went Unnoticed

Nursing home staff members are required to supervise residents and monitor them on a daily basis. This means that they should be aware of the resident’s medical condition so they will notice any changes. Additionally, the care providers should listen to the residents if they discuss a possible medical problem. Any medical conditions should be reported immediately. In this case, the man suffered from a urinary tract infection that was not properly treated medically, according to the lawsuit.

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Legionnaire’s disease is a serious and often deadly illness that can be acquired through contaminated water. A woman living in a local nursing home died after acquiring legionnaire’s disease while under their care. The woman’s family filed a lawsuit against Warren Barr Gold Coast alleging that their negligent care caused the woman’s death from legionnaire’s disease. The lawsuit was filed in Cook County and is seeking damages of more than $50,000.

Legionnaire’s Disease

Legionnaire’s disease is an inflammation of the lungs, similar to pneumonia. It is a very serious and often fatal disease that is highly contagious. The infection is caused by bacteria called legionella. The disease is not spread by person to person contact but instead through a contaminated water supply. Most often, victims get the disease by inhaling contaminated air. The disease was named after the first known cases in which the victims were part of a group of Legionnaires who were participating in a convention at a hotel.