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When we choose a nursing home for our elderly loved one we do so with the hopes that they will receive proper care and assistance. That is not always the case. In one recent incident, a nursing home resident died after suffering injuries that were due to neglectful care at the facility. A lawsuit was filed in Cook County against The Admiral at the Lake, along with two nurses. The lawsuit alleges that improper care caused or contributed to the man’s death. The suit was filed on behalf of the man’s estate and is seeking damages in excess of the jurisdictional limits.

Neglect in Nursing Homes

Sadly, neglect happens even in the most popular nursing facilities. In this instance, the man suffered from pressure sores, a common problem that can happen when patients are neglected. Pressure sores can become infected and this can cause a serious decline in health. If not treated quickly, the infection can become difficult to resolve and can travel through the body impacting the organs. The lawsuit also claims that the nursing staff failed to suction secretions from the man’s airway. When the airway is not clear the person inhales fluid. This is called aspiration. Fluids in the lungs and airway will cause serious medical harm and must be treated as an emergency.

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Supervision is provided in nursing homes to ensure that residents stay safe and do not suffer injuries. Sadly, sometimes a nursing home is negligent and a patient is seriously hurt. A woman recently filed a lawsuit claiming neglect in a nursing home caused her to become permanently disabled. The woman filed the lawsuit in Cook County against Manorcare Health Services in Oak Lawn, IL. The woman seeks damages of more than $50,000.

Fall from Wheelchair

The woman in this case reportedly suffered serious injuries after she fell out of her wheelchair. According to the lawsuit, the nursing home failed to provide adequate supervision and did not secure her wheelchair to protect her from falling. Falls from wheelchairs can happen when the resident needs to stand up or reach for something and there is no caregiver to help. The patient may then attempt to stand or reach and subsequently falls out of the chair.

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Nursing homes are supposed to be safe places where our elderly loved ones can get the care they require. Instead, sometimes a care facility does not proper care and residents can be hurt. Neglectful care in nursing homes is a serious concern, especially when there are serious injuries. In one recent case, a woman filed a lawsuit against a nursing home after contracting a serious infection while living there. The lawsuit names Alden Estates of Evanston, Inc. and seeks damages of more than $50,000.


MRSA, methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus, is a dangerous infection that is difficult to treat. MRSA is quite resistant to antibiotics, making it a serious threat. MRSA can be particularly dangerous to the elderly and those with compromised immune systems. Symptoms of MRSA include red or swollen areas of the skin that may be warm to the touch. As MRSA worsens the areas may become pus-filled and the infection can deepen. If not treated promptly, the infection can spread into the bloodstream and get into the major organs of the body.

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Nursing home safety is of great concern, especially to those with loved ones residing there. When we choose a care center for our elderly parent we visit the location, review the brochure, and speak with the manager. Yet as careful as we may be, nursing home neglect can still happen. A recent lawsuit was filed against a nursing home alleging negligence in the death of a relative. The man died as a result of neglectful care after developing pressure ulcers that ultimately led to his death. The lawsuit claims that the nursing home did not provide adequate supervision.

Development of Pressure Ulcers

Pressure ulcers, also called bedsores, are painful sores that develop on the areas of skin that come into constant contact with bedding or other items. They are most often the result of inadequate repositioning of a bedridden patient. When a person is not able to move around in bed by themselves they must be moved by care providers. The failure to do so could cause pressure ulcers to form.

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Falls are the number one cause of injuries to senior citizens and many of these falls occur in nursing homes. While nursing facilities are supposed to provide proper care, many times they fail to adequately supervise and assist residents. Falls can cause severe injuries and may lead to a health decline which may result in a resident’s death. When a resident suffers a serious injury because of inadequate supervision, the nursing home is likely responsible for neglect.

Risk Factors for Falls in Seniors

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC, there are a number of risk factors for falls in older individuals. Nursing homes and others need to be aware of the risks to each patient so that they may provide proper care and supervision.

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Nursing homes are required to provide safe and supervised care to residents. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. All too often residents report neglectful care that sometimes leads to injuries. In some instances, improper care may lead to the death of a resident. One such case was recently filed in Cook County. A woman’s health deteriorated and she eventually died after suffering severe pressure sores. The woman’s family filed the lawsuit against Manorcare Health Services – South Holland and is represented by Levin & Perconti.

Supervision Is Necessary

Adequate supervision of patients is a necessary part of the care that must be provided by nursing facilities. Every patient needs to be evaluated to determine their specific needs. Additionally, residents may have special medical requirements set forth by their physicians. These instructions need to be adhered to, even if it means constant supervision needs to be provided. Once a nursing home accepts a patient they are obligated by law to offer proper care.

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The time comes in most people’s lives when they require assistance and can no longer live alone. One of the most common alternatives is to choose a nursing home facility that will provide the care and supervision your loved one needs. According to the Illinois Department of Public Health, there are more than 1,200 long term care facilities that serve more than 100,000 residents in Illinois. With so many choices to pick from the decision of where to place your loved one can be a difficult one. There are some important considerations to think about when you are choosing a nursing home.

Long Term Care Facilities

A long term care facility may be the best option when the person requires assistance with daily activities such as bathing, eating, dressing, and walking. Another reason a person may need to stay in a long term care facility is when he requires medical aid. This type of care may range from minor help to major care following surgery. Determine the type of care that your loved one requires and review the available nursing homes to find the ones that fit these needs. Now, with a short list of options you can begin some further review.

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A nursing home resident died after he fell from the fifth floor window of his residence. The family of the man filed a lawsuit against the nursing facility alleging negligence and poor supervision led to the accident. The suit names Glenbridge Nursing and Rehabilitation Centre, Ltd. and their parent company stating that they failed to properly supervise the man while under their care. The man died from injuries sustained in the fall. Attorneys from Levin & Perconti represent the family in the lawsuit.

Inadequate Supervision

Nursing homes must provide residents with proper supervision to ensure their safety and well-being. In this case, the man was not monitored properly and was allowed to fall from the window. The complaint also alleges that the nursing home did not maintain the window area properly, causing a hazardous condition. The nursing home should have been aware that the window was dangerous and yet they did not supervise the resident. Their inadequate supervision allowed the man to fall from the fifth floor window to his death.

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Nursing homes and rehabilitation facilities are expected to provide patients with the care they require. Each resident’s needs may be different but it is the responsibility of the provider to ensure that each person gets the care they require. Recently, a lawsuit was filed against a rehabilitative care facility alleging negligent care led to a resident’s injuries. The man suffered serious and painful sacral ulcers that required extensive medical treatment.

Sacral Ulcers

Sacral ulcers, also called decubitus ulcers, are pressure sores that are located on the tailbone. These ulcers form from continual rubbing of the area against the bedding materials. Pressure ulcers start with small but painful red marks that can quickly progress if not treated. The sores will break the skin and deepen, often causing an infection. These painful sores are most common on patients who are bedridden and have limited mobility. They are often unable to move about on their own.

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We expect that our elderly relatives will be properly cared for when they live in nursing homes, but that is not always the case. Sometimes neglect occurs. When it does it can impact the health and well-being of the residents. There are various types of neglect including failure to notice a medical condition, failure to get medical attention for a patient, and mistakes with medication.

Inadequate Supervision

Inadequate supervision is often to blame for the medical decline of residents in nursing homes. Staff members may not be properly trained or may not have enough time to spend with patients, or they may simply not care. When a nursing home resident is not properly monitored they could suffer a medical condition that is not reported. Many common types of injuries or conditions require medical attention.